Sailing Cards

To use the MIT Sailing Pavilion and its fleet of over 100 sailboats you need to be a MITNA member by having a current sailing card.

Sailing cards are given free for those with MIT athletic privileges, including all MIT students. The cards are good for an academic year, always from July 15th of one year to July 15th of the next year.

There are three types of Sailing Cards:

  • MIT Students: free.
  • Normal Sailing Card: included if you have 6 or 12 month athletic privileges (ie, you bought a 6/12mo MIT Athletics Membership).
  • Racing Card: a special program for those who wish to join the Pavilion for racing only (racing card details).

To join MITNA and get a sailing card

  1. Create a new account
  2. During regular hours, bring to the Sailing Pavilion:
    1. Normal Sailing Card: MIT ID, or ID and proof of MIT Athletic Privileges
      Racing Card: an ID and payment for your sailing card (credit card preferred)
    2. Proof of swimming ability if under 21 or an ID that shows you are over 21

To renew your sailing card

  1. Login to your account
  2. Initial the Swim Agreement
  3. Click Update to save
  4. Go to the Pavilion for your new card

If you had a sailing card at any point since 1934, you can find it in our archives and renew it as long as you have MIT athletic priviledges.

Experience Assessment

You do not need to know how to sail when you join MITNA, you can learn through our Learn-to-Sail classes or a PE class.

Both new and experienced sailors should take the Wednesday Class 1 to learn about how the Pavilion operates.


All guests must be able to swim at least 100 meters.

There is no charge for friends of MITNA members to sail with them in the same boat.

Guests are not allowed to take out a boat on their own.

Updated: 2017/03/08 14:22:32
Updated: 2017/03/08 14:22:32