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Moon Light Sailing

Sail from Sunset to Midnight in Lynx Catboats
Bring food to grill!

Moon Light Sail Days

  • Thu 06-Apr-2023
  • Thu 04-May-2023
  • Sat 03-Jun-2023
  • Thu 06-Jul-2023
  • Tue 01-Aug-2023
  • Wed 30-Aug-2023
  • Fri 29-Sep-2023
  • Sat 28-Oct-2023
Moonlight picture

About Moon Light Sailing

Every month, right around the days of the full moon, the Sailing Pavillion remains open until midnight. MITNA members with a Provisional rating can take out a Lynx Catboat with up to five of their best friends, or strangers, for a unique experience under the moon. Please see the list below for the moon light sail dates this year. Due to limited space, we respectfully ask that members limit their non-sailing card guests to about 5 people. Out of consideration for other members, groups of 10 or more are not allowed at moonlight sailing.

The Catboats are outfitted with the necessary lights to go out after dark by the Pavillion staff (be sure your boat's lights are on! Ask for help if they are not). Then you're on your own sailing to the light of the moon.

Plus, starting at sunset the grill is turned on (bring your own food and drinks) for members and their guests to have dinner on the dock.

Because moon light sails tend to be extremely popular, we may ask that each party limit their outings to approximately 30 minutes to an hour. That way many people can go out on the one night per month event. And, since not all MITNA members have a Provisional rating, we appreciate when those members with the rating can take out a few people they may not know.

Ratings for Moon Light Sailing

Under normal wind/weather conditions (reasonable light, light winds) all you need is a Provisional rating to take out a Lynx Catboat these nights. At the discretion of the staff, they may ask that only Helmsman rated members be skippers that night.


The moon light sail dates are decided upon by the Pavilion staff to be around the full moon but also to account with MIT students' calendars and special events. Be sure to follow this schedule, rather than the exact dates of the full moon.

Bad Weather

In case of bad weather the Pavilion might have to close early; unfortunately moon light sails cannot be rescheduled. Therefore, please check the weather ahead of time.

Updated: 2016/07/14 21:51:53
Updated: 2016/07/14 21:51:53