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MITNA Open Racing

When: Thursdays 17:30-Sunset
Summer Only
Who: MITNA Normal & Racing Members
Boats: Tech Dinghies
Contact: Racing Chair

Open racing is part of the Summer Tech Series, but unlike the Advanced Racing days where people are expected to be fully competitive, this series is open to everyone. It allows intermediate sailors to compete agains some of the best advanced racers and learn from them. These races are meant to help people move towards advanced racing but do not have any official classes.

Open racing assumes that you are familiar with the Racing Rules of Sailing, how a race course works (you should know what a gate is), and have reasonable ability to start in a competitive fashion. Of course, since this is intermediate level racing, you can also expect to have others help you from time to time, and give you pointers to move up to advanced racing... although some may tell you "just follow me!"

After you finish the Learn to Race class, you should be ready for these races in Tech Dinghys.


No events scheduled

All of the regattas run by MITNA follow the Racing Rules of Sailing set by World Sailing, as amended by the US Sailing Prescriptions set by US Sailing and the Class Rules of the Intercollegiate Dinghy Class as set by ICSA.

Updated: 2017/04/02 11:51:02
Updated: 2017/04/02 11:51:02