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The MIT Nautical Association Hatch Brown Service Award

At the annual meeting of the Association, the membership shall have the opportunity to recognize individuals who have made significant, extraordinary, and exemplary contributions to the programs and activities of the Association and the M.I.T. Sailing Pavilion through voting to bestow the M.I.T. Nautical Association Service Award. The current membership, guided by the spirit and example of previous selections, may use any criterion it wishes, remembering that a) the award may be presented to any friend of M.I.T. sailing, b) the award is not intended to recognize members of the Executive Committee or Pavilion staff for the normal performance of their duties, c) the award need not be presented every year or limited to one person per year, d) the award shall be presented to an individual only once.

The following table lists the outstanding MITNA members who have been recepients of the "Hatch Brown" M.I.T. Nautical Association Service Award since 1964. The current Executive Committee is working hard to ensure this list is complete, but please contact us if you find any omissions or mistakes.

2023Anselmo Cassiano Alves
2023Zachary Berzolla
2022Francis Charles
2021Yichi Zhang
2019Joe Zambella
2019John Keck
2018Bill Harrington
Gary Lifton
Mark Throop
2016Scott Dynes
2013Ted Young
2013Keith Winstein
2013Kenneth Sovie
2013Tim Shepard
2011Patrick Joyce
2007Alvar Saenz-Otero
2005Karen Wepsic
2003Melitta King
2002Bashar Zeitoon
2000Stephen Slivan
1999Jon E. Lendon
1999Grant Harris
1998John C. Pratt
1997Susan M. Ostrowski
1996Matthew B. Wall
1995H. Hatch Brown
1994Kyle Welch
1993Dwight Brown
1992Ellen Lee Pratt
1991Corey Baker
1991Eric Gibber
1990Sharon Flanagan
1989Janet Garman
1988John Alba
1987Nick Makris
1986Peter Stasiowski
1985Steve Ellis
1985Marianne Mc Gonigal
1984Marco Hanig
1984Jim Gottwald
1983Peter Volante
1983Josko Catapovich
1982Stu Nelson
1980Sally Huested
1979Robert Collier
1978Don Fellows
1977Maria Bozzuto
1977Kevin Sullivan
1976Tom Hutchins
1975George Warren Smith
1974Henry Hall
1973Bill Upthegrove
1972Glenda Ganny
1971Roy Lobdell
1970Terry Cronburg
1969Robert Hobbs
1968Ned Lenson
1967Ed Shaw
1966George M.C. Dowell
1964George Buck
1964Richard Pober

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Updated: 2023/12/19 07:37:18