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The Provisional Rating [.pdf]

The purpose of the Provisional Rating is to assure the Staff that all members can safely and competently take care of themselves, their guests, and the Tech Dinghy while sailing on the Charles River. Every member is expected to take the check-off as soon as they are ready. Anyone taking out a Tech with only a swim rating may be asked to use a small sail or not be allowed to sail based on the wind conditions.

Sailing and Maneuvering

  • Leaving the dock
  • Beat, reach, run, jibe and tack
  • Getting out of irons
  • Proper trim of sail
  • Proper trim of boat
  • Use of centerboard
  • Man overboard procedure
  • Landing at dock

Precautions and Safety

  • Restricted sailing areas
  • Maximum number of people in boats
  • Procedure after capsize
  • Explain recall signals (Rule 16)
  • Number of lifejackets required

Rules of the Road

  • Avoid all confrontations when possible
  • Three basic sailing rules
  • Right of way between powerboats, sailboats and rowboats

Rigging the Tech Dinghy

  • Knots: bowline, figure eight, stunsail tack bend, clove hitch, cleat hitch
  • Rig boom, sail, and rudder
  • Launch the boat
  • Care of boat at dock
  • Set sail and make boat ready
  • Haul, unrig and stow boat inside
  • Haul, unrig and leave boat on dock
  • Roll sail
  • Reef sail

Updated: 2014/05/02 14:23:53
Updated: 2014/05/02 14:23:53