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Facilities FAQ

  1. How do I rent space at the Sailing Pavilion?
  2. What spaces are available?
  3. What if I just want to grill?
  4. If I reserve the pavilion, can I reserve sailboats? Can I sail?
  5. What about tents?
  6. What about catering?
  7. Do you have tables and chairs?
  8. Can I bring alcohol?


  1. Q: How do I rent space at the Sailing Pavilion?
    A: Visit the MIT sailing web site and fill out the reservation request form with as much information as you can. Our dockmaster will email back with availability, rates, and other details within a few days. (Note: over the winter, reservations are only answered on a weekly basis.)
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  2. Q: What spaces are available?
    A: The east roof deck can handle about 100 people. The classroom (part of the casual party space) can handle about 50 people indoors and the adjacent wood dock can handle a little bit more. Both are available for BBQ’s, parties, etc. The pavilion does not close during events, so plan on a sailing activity as a pleasant backdrop to your event. The East Roof Deck is the most private area while the casual party space is in a more trafficked area. The East Roof Deck is exposed to rain but can be tented.
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  3. Q: What if I just want to grill?
    A: Groups of 12 or more should make a reservation. If you choose to not make a reservation, the grill may be occupied. There is a $20 flat fee for using the grill. The grills must stay on the dock and cannot be moved.
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  4. Q: If I reserve the pavilion, can I reserve sailboats? Can I sail?
    A: Reservations for boats are not accepted, but there are over 100 boats and there is almost always something available. Anyone with a sailing card can take out boats and guests during our normal sailing hours (Noon to sunset) as their rating and conditions permit.
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  5. Q: What about tents?
    A: You can arrange a tent with Mike Gould at at Christian Party Rental. They are our preferred tent vendor and can guide you to the best tent for your event.
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  6. Q: What about catering?
    A: Many caterers have put on events at the Sailing Pavilion. You are welcome to find the best fit for your event. Popular choices are Redbones, Smokey’s, and BG Events and Catering. If the caterer has questions, have them contact the dockmaster.
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  7. Q: Do you have tables and chairs?
    A: The pavilion has about 40 folding chairs and 6 tables (2.5 ft x 6 ft). These are institutional furniture (UGLY) so you may want to rent chairs and tables or bring tablecloths to cover them. There are also 4 picnic tables on the East Roof deck that cannot be removed but can be re-arrange however you desire.
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  8. Q: Can I bring alcohol?
    A: MIT Student groups and MIT Groups can register their event using the MIT registration system

    Non-MIT groups are not generally permitted to have alcohol unless they are sponsored by an MIT department or Dean. Contact the dockmaster if you have specific questions regarding alcohol at your event.
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