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35th Massachusetts High School Open Championship, 2008

Thu 22-May-200813:00-17:30
Fri 23-May-200813:00-17:30
Registration End:22-May-2008 at midnight



Please enter the coach/chaperon/parent name (who will become the registered user) as the team captain. Enter the students' names in the boat positions.

The first time you register you will enter information for the first boat only (enter "TBD" if you don't know the names; enter your own e-mail address if their is unknown or should be kept private).

To enter the second boat, come back to the registration page and select the "team" from the drop down menu after you register the first boat.


The total fee for each school is $40.00. You can pay that total fee in two ways:
  • Select one boat with the "Whole team" fee of $40 and the second boat with the "Paid other boat" fee of $0. You will only have to do one payment.
  • Select each boat with the "Single Boat" fee and pay $20 for each boat as two separate payments.
Team Information

All registered teams have signed up their boats. Please go to the entries page to make changes.

The registration deadline has passed.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): Fran Charles

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