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Laser - Intro Class

Sun 24-Sep-202316:00-19:00
Registration Start: 21-September-2023 at 00:00
Registration End:24-September-2023 at midnight



The Laser is a very fun boat, but one that is harder to handle than the Tech Dinghy. Therefore, a Provisional Rating is mandatory for this class.

The instructor will confirm that you have the rating before you are approved to take the class.

We may prioritize entries who were registered, but unable to fit into a prior class.

Because the Laser will be more challenging to sail, you should be:

    Proficient in sailing technique and terms,
    and very ready to get quite wet, especially if the wind is strong.

It's practically guaranteed that you will go swimming during this class (dress appropriately)!

Be sure to practice using the tiller extension prior to taking this class!

The registration deadline has passed.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): Eric Gibber, CELINE ALDENHOVEN, JOSE DEL AGUILA FERRANDIS

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Updated: 2022/05/04 13:53:21