MITNA Exec Meeting (Winter)

Sun 11-Nov-200117:30-19:30


Acting Secretary: Nate Hanson

In Attendance:

Nate Hanson (Comm.)

Jen Cooper (Vice Comm.)

Marjory Bravard (Treas.)

Alex MeVay (Sect.)

Sam Murphy (M@L)

Dwight Brown (M@L)

Tim McEvoy (Team Capt.)

Cara Toretta (Team Rep.)

Karen Ritter (Team Rep.)

Henry Hall (guest)


The committee discussed what purpose and general role the executive committee should play, primarily to make clear for all of us novices where we fit in the operation of the sailing program.  It was decided that our primary purpose is to represent the membership of MITNA, solicit their opinions, and execute programs to enhance the sailing experience.  Existing services organized by previous committees have been recreational sailing classes, promoting awareness of sailing at MIT, and organizing fundraisers to help pay for the sailing program.

Current Business

  • Sweatshirts  Nate noted that we need to order sweatshirts.  People decided that the current grey design with a T on the back was good.  Marjory will order Sweatshirts.
  • Bulletin Board  The MITNA bulletin board in the infinite corridor needs to be spruced up and maintained.  Henry noted that some physical repairs may need to be made.  Marjory suggested surfacing the board with an old sail, and the members generally liked that idea.  Members agreed that a current monthly schedule and pictures should be posted and kept up to date.  Jen also suggested posting a profile of an “average Joe” sailor, and how he/she uses the pavillion.  Henry will help with physical repairs.  Cara and Karen will take responsibility for the general upkeep of the board.
  • Website  A few things need to be updated on the website.  Primarily the schedule for 2002.  Also very old sailing team lists need to be updated or removed.  Alex will be responsible for website maintenance.
  • ASA membership  Membership to the student groups association will give us the perks of being able to reserve space (currently we do this through the team), getting a table at the activities midway, and possibly receiving funds from ASA (possible a couple thousand dollars, by Alex's estimation).  Drawbacks to membership are making necessary changes to our constitution (partially completed — Henry), obligation to attend 2-4 ASA meetings each year, and making clear where any ASA money is spent.  Currently the ASA isn't accepting new members, but that is expected to change this winter.  We decided that if membership isn't too hard to acheive, then we will try to go ahead with it.  Alex and Nate will look into this, with assistance from Henry and Doug (previous committee members). 
  • North Sails Seminars  We need to schedule the cruising and the racing seminars to be held at MIT this winter by North Sails.  North Sails will suggest dates, and we need to get space, and reserve and set-up PA and presentation equiptment.  Sam and Jen will look after the Seminars.
  • Tech in Lobby  Arrangements need to be made for getting a Tech Dingy in the Lobby of 10 in the spring.  Mike Foley is the contact person.  Karen (I think) also suggested getting an article in The Tech around that time to draw attention to our display.  Nate will deal with the Dinghy Display.

New Business

(members made suggestions for projects we might like to undertake to improve the sailing program)

            Windsurfing:  Two members have contacted Nate regarding the revival of windsurfing.  It was brought up at the meeting, but not discussed.  General membership interest is unclear.

            The Roof  Jen suggested cleaning the cluttered roof and trashing/selling things we can't use.  Related to that, the Hobie needs a new (used) main, and a few odd parts .  Nobody could argue with cleaning the roof, and repairing the Cat.  Nate will organize this effort.

            Harbor Sailing   Currently harbor sails have been limited to a few “in the loop” people.  However there is much interest by less experienced members.  We could organize group R19 trips to the harbor, with one or two experienced harbor sailors per flotilla, and one experience/qualified R19 sailor per boat.  Sam suggested a possible rendevous at an island with Aleida, Endorphin, and the R19s.  Alex and Nate will take the point on Harbor Sails.

            Classes and Ratings  Mellita (via email) and Sam suggested reforms to the classes offered, and to the ratings system.  Some suggestions were offering intermediate classes, making ratings expectations and requirements more clear, and generally encouraging/enabling members to progress to more advanced skills.  Nate volunteered Mellita (in her absence) to gather opinions, and perhaps present some proposals at the next meeting, if she is willing. 

            Fundraising  Various ideas for fundraising included a T-shirt and BBQ regatta day for members with an entrance fee;  classy alumni sails on Aleida to butter up important donors;  Alumni day at the pavillion with wine, cheese, sailing, perhaps in conjunction with Alumni weekend?;  Phonathon, perhaps in coordination with a mail-solicitation. 

            People cited past successes with a phonathon, and past failures with Aleida cruises.  There were mixed opinions on an Alumni day or a regatta/activity day for members.  Nate will investigate these fundraising options. 

The meeting adjourned after a little more than an hour, and members agreed that we would schedule a meeting in 1-2 months after we had made some progress on our various tasks.

We can all be reached by email using the mitna-exec nickname.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): MITNA Exec

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