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MITNA Exec Meeting

Thu 03-Apr-200317:30-19:30


Present: Anna Custo, Samantha Scolamiero, Dwight Brown, Tim Shepard, Patrick Lam, Peter Ubach

Notes by Patrick Lam

Harbour Sailing

We want to run monthly harbour sailing trips on R19s. (Some sailing education may happen to take place on these trips). We intend to start them around the end of May/beginning of June. We have limited capacity (we can tow about four R19s out to the harbour), so we may not want to advertise extensively. But we do want to announce them without fixing any date, so that people know that they exist.

It would be nifty to organize Aleida whale watching trips; let's talk to Aleida captains about it.

Sailing class

The Wednesday classes start on April 16. We discussed the way the classes are delivered: it looks rather chaotic, but is actually self-organizing. It was pointed out that anyone who can rig a boat can usefully help out at the lessons. The consensus was that we didn't really need to add additional external structure to the lesson delivery mechanism.

Samantha will take pictures of instructors and prepare a sheet with pictures and names.

Anna will take educational videos for class; e.g. what to do with hands when tacking.

People are encouraged to show up on Wednesday nights and on Sundays (around 11:30) to help with rigging boats.


We like the current booklet. We'd like to reprint it when supplies run out in the middle of the summer. Perhaps we can improve the quality of some of the pictures.


The fittings sheet used for the crew test shouldn't be in the booklet. However, Patrick will scan the copy at the Pavilion and put it on the web site.


Dwight mentioned that the J22 was sold over the winter. The R19s have had their masts put up, but aren't ready for sailing yet, because the stays still need to be adjusted. Hopefully, they'll be ready next week.

Next meeting

We'll discuss small issues as we run into each other at the pavilion. No set schedule for another meeting around a table.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): MITNA Exec

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