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MITNA Exec Meeting

Thu 27-Feb-200317:30-19:30


Present: Melitta King, Patrick Lam, Dwight Brown, Samantha Scolamiero, Win Burleson, Sue Ostrowski, Peter Ubach, Anna Custo

Notes by Anna Custo and Patrick Lam


  • Discussed how beginning crew might be unclear about the skills needed to become a competent crew / skipper on Aleida. Will develop check list to become skipper or intermediate-level crew [win, samantha, melitta + others]
  • Will improve advertising for Aleida (on web page, talk about her while teaching beginners, aleida teaching trips, regattas...)
  • Will organize alumni harbor trips (+ R19 trips if needed) [melitta, samantha, win]
  • We want to raise the profile of Aleida e.g. with Athletics Department. Samantha will organize to get Candace from Athletics on the boat.


  • Aleida news - short article from Tim [win will contact]; melitta will write about last year's Corinthian race; Samantha will send Melitta pictures from Aleida
  • Recreational sailing [rick??]
  • Articles from Tim [win talk to him]


  • We hope to get some money from ASA if we can get recognized as a club sport. We are not hoping for huge amounts of money. The next step appears to be to file forms. [Melitta is gathering the info we need]

Web page

  • possibly change it all (more accessible and more interesting)
  • Provide improved URLs! ( or [Patrick is working on this]
  • We will keep info on the webpage updated. (classes, programs, people, addresses, special events well posted, link to aleida, newsletter...)
  • We will add pictures [from peter].
  • Add user interaction (send comment/guest book/send story of your experience...)
  • [patrick, anna, tamara?, alex]


  • Dates: Class 1 starts on Apr 16; we'd run Class 1 & 2 on Apr 23, 1 & 2 & 3 on Apr 30, etc. The last class 1 would be Sept 24 / Oct 1, depending on the weather.
  • It would be desirable to have instructor training: rescuing, set marks, power boat position. [melitta, anna + others: to be detailed, melitta will prepare the handouts]
  • Dwight will collect a list of volunteers for teaching.
  • Anna will organize an email list of the instructors.
  • T-shirt for instructors [sue: I vote for red T-shirt :) ]
  • NEW intermediate class (more as a personal class - i.e. instructor would get in the boat with instructee): first class end of May (every friday) [peter will coordinate it, anna + others will help teaching it, peter will prepare handouts]
  • We need more help on sunday classes.
  • Possible instructors: Melitta, Tim, Steve, Anna, Peter, Bashar, Ben, Henry, Eric, Sue (yes??), Esme (?), Iason (?), Stefano (?); ... we need more :) tell your sailing friends!


  • Exec will write thank-you letters to donors. [list from melitta, we will all write them]
  • Dwight will look into T-shirt purchase.
  • Sailing booklet: update? put online [anna will talk to fran about update, patrick will scan]
  • We want to organize monthly harbour R19 trips for June, July, August (1-2 boats depending on #skippers) [melitta and anna]
  • We will possibly organize a late summer R19 class for people w/ enough experience (spinnaker class...)
  • We will collect new pics for pavilion boards and web site [peter, jan for pics; anna and sue to update]
  • Win wondered if Aleida might be useful for research trips, etc; and if there were any links to Ocean Engineering that we might want to look into. Perhaps we can get them to come and test the water pollution level of the Charles. Win will talk to them.

Next meeting will be around 3/13.


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): MITNA Exec

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