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MITNA Exec Meeting

Tue 17-Jan-200617:30-19:30


Scribe: Iason Chatzakis
Present: Alvar, Chris, Dwight, Iason, Pat

X-HEC Race in France, May 2006

Notes: Olivier was not there so discussion was postponed. The Rhodes don’t have spis yet, in order to practice.

The nature and level of involvement of MIT sailors

Notes: Once again, everyone agreed that MIT sailors must be encouraged to improve their skills beyond the beginner level. It is important to help sailors first, get better and take a active stand in sharpening their skills and second, become more involved and start feeling more like ‘part of the team’ and less like ‘customers’ in the sailing pavilion.

We don’t need more people coming down to sail, we need more people truly wanting to become sailors.

If this goal starts to be accomplished then getting volunteers, teaching classes etc. will be much easier.

An idea is to start a mitna-sailors mailing list, to list people who wish to be more involved/informed/active on the river, and to tap for possible volunteers.

Hours of operation

Notes: Offering an ‘advanced’ class on Sat morning appears a feasible idea, starting say at 10am. This might spread out Saturdays crowding as well. This links to getting people more involved.

Pirate Ball

Notes: Dwight can lead on this. Will need 3-4 volunteers:
• carry 2 dinghies to Walker
• demonstrate knots, etc.
• run Tech rigging competition
• be around for the duration

Harbor Sails

• Notes: Following from August meetings, this is a very lucrative idea but we haven’t done jack yet. We decided that Pat and Iason will practice stepping/unstepping the Rhodes mast, and then take a boat out to the harbor to get familiarized. After start, start offering harbor sails.

MIT web address

Notes: Alvar is the current webmaster. The main question is on which server to have the website (Athena doesn’t do scripts). One idea is to get a cheap machine and lock it somewhere in the pavilion. The power problem could be solved by a (cheap, again) UPS. This solution appears permanent and we won’t have to rely on anyone’s lab/server/ etc etc. Budget and ask treasurer if we can afford.


Notes: sold. We are expecting a donation for a new boat. Iason will talk with Fran on things which can be done to accelerate acquisition of a new boat. Getting a new big boat will be a fresh opportunity for MIT sailors to get in touch with the open ocean.

North U seminars

Notes: Pat may help Fran with practical stuff


Notes: Ben can help with this. It is aimed at the alumni, not the students. Hence:

  • it should come out in February along with the phonathon
  • it should contain more ‘What we’ve done/accomplished last season and how we spend our money’ than ‘Look at all the nice things we’re planning for this season’
  • a personal idea: Get people who were just introduced into sailing last season by taking the MITNA classes to give short narratives (what they learned, how often they sail now, what they like about the pavilion), and put them in the newsletter with name/picture. Should be good for marketing.




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