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MITNA General Meeting

Tue 16-Nov-200417:30-19:30


Notes by Iason Chatzakis


New MITNA executive board elected (Congratulations!):

Commodore: Patrick Lam
Vice Commodore: Ben Zeskind
Treasurer: Frank Dabek
Secretary: Iason Chatzakis
Race Committee Chair: John Pratt
Members at Large: Dwight Brown, Alvar Saenz Otero, Melitta King, T. Ryan Cleary, Ted Young

Commodore's report

Outgoing Commodore Anna Custo together with Melitta King updated us on the (very successful) course of novice sailing classes offered at the Sailing Pavilion on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings - thanks to the continuous presence and hard work of the volunteer instructors who keep the classes going.

Sailing Master's Report

Fran gave us news on the fundraising efforts for new Sailing Pavilion house, and in his part stressed how important is the job of volunteer sailing instructors keeping the sailing classes going and free of charge to the whole MIT community.


Thom Spettel spoke of the big red boat moored in Winthrop - good job on the offshore victories! One piece of discussion here: it would be good to publicize the fact that a trip on Aleida includes most of the times good training for everyone (including people new to sailing).

Hatch Brown Service Award

...was presented to Karen Wepsic to everyone's applause, for her exceptional and instrumental effort in the teaching of the sailing classes - Congratulations!

Karen Wepsic, a long time MIT Nautical Association (MITNA) member, was awarded the Hatch Brown Service Award (formerly MITNA Service Award) at this year's MITNA meeting in November 2004. This award is meant to recognize contribution above and beyond the call of duty by a person volunteering at the Pavilion. Karen is one of the quiet cogs in the machinery that keeps the Pavilion and its programs running smoothly. You may pass right by Karen, taking little notice, as she walks up and down the dock helping the members of the Wednesday night classes to tie their knots, rig their boats and get themselves onto the water but we, the people who coordinate and teach the classes and even the students themselves notice when she is not there. It takes longer to get the class organized, and longer still to get them on the water. We look at each other to see who is going to get the handouts and didn't "you" pull the motorboats around and check them for gas? Karen doesn't want to be in charge. She wants to be of assistance, to help people learn to sail and use the Pavilion, a place she calls "healthy". Karen is a wonderful asset and we appreciate having her involved at the MIT Sailing Pavilion.

Upon learning that she had been awarded the Hatch Brown Service Award, Karen promptly announced that she was surprised and undeserving of the award. She went on to say that now she felt she would have to work even harder next year in order to be worthy of such an honor. What a wonderful response!

(citation by Melitta King)

I think that's about all that happened - and some late but good pizza.

A good winter to everyone, and think of the sailing we'll do come spring!


Iason Chatzakis


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