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Climate Challenges & Clean Energy Solutions

Wed 16-Nov-201618:30-20:30


Climate Challenges & Clean Energy Solutions


Wed, Nov 16, 2016
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EST 

Free and open to all, RSVP here or here

MIT Campus
Ray and Maria Stata Center, Building 32, Room 123
Cambridge, MA 02142 (map)

Reception at 6:30 followed by:


The Top-to-Top Global Climate Expedition, a family of climate explorers, is arriving in Boston after having sailed through the Northwest Passage on their 50-foot sailboat, the S/V Pachama. Dario and Sabine Schwörer and their five children have spent 16 years sailing all of the world’s seven seas, setting foot on seven continents, and climbing six of the world’s highest mountains, in an effort to witness, document, and report on climate change and its solutions.


Peter Rothstein, President of the Northeast Clean Energy Council, will lead a panel of clean energy leaders who are delivering solutions that address climate change.  Peter has many years of venture, entrepreneurial, executive and deal experience, previously with Flagship Ventures, a leading seed and early stage venture capital firm.  

Steve Cowell is President of E4TheFuture, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing clean, efficient energy to the residential sector.  Previously, he was founder and CEO of the Conservation Services Group (CSG), one of the largest providers of energy efficiency and renewable energy services to utilities and state agencies in the US.

Geoff Chapin was the founder and CEO of Next Step Living, a company that grew to more than $100 million in annual revenue, offering a range of home energy products and services. Geoff is currently helping to grow an MIT spinout whose water desalination and purification technology can treat water at 6% of the current cost and with 35% less energy.

Ben Downing has been a leader in clean energy as a member of the Massachusetts State Senate.  He is Chairman of the legislature’s Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Committee, where he has led major bills on climate, solar, wind, efficiency, energy storage, and energy innovation, areas where Massachusetts is among the national leaders.

Hosted by: MIT Energy Club and Northeast Clean Energy Council

Co-hosted and generously supported by: swissnex Boston

With the support of: MIT Office of Sustainability, MIT Sailing Club, Clean Water Action


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): MITNA Exec

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