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2012 Toby Baker Trophy (High School TRing Champs)

Fri 25-May-201215:00-16:30
Sat 26-May-201208:00-17:30
Sun 27-May-201208:00-16:00
Registration Start: 30-November--0001 at 00:00
Registration End:21-May-2012 at midnight


2012 Baker Trophy

The MIT Sailing Pavilion will host the 2012 ISSA Team Racing Championship for the Baker Trophy on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA on May 26-27, 2012. Watch live on our webcams!

To watch live from your apple mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch):

URLs for webcams, once the App is installed:
username: guest
password: (there is no password for guest login)


The Host


The Charles River is one of the best dinghy sailing venues in the country.  The lower basin is home to the Massachusetts Bay League, Community Boating, MIT Sailing Pavilion, and Harvard Sailing. MIT hosts more intercollegiate regattas than any other school in the country by a factor of two every year. Not only does MIT develop skills with more novice level events but it is a highly sought after host site for New England and National Championships as well. In addition to collegiate service, MIT hosts the Mass State Open High School Championship as well as Special Olympics and the Charles River Open Team Race Regatta. The CRO is the largest team race event held in North America with entries ranging from 32 to 48 squads and has completed more than 490 races in one weekend.  Our facility is known as the birthplace of collegiate sailing.  Built in 1936, it is the first facility dedicated to collegiate sailing in the nation.  MIT has hosted 19 collegiate national championships, many more than any other school.  The MIT Sailing Pavilion staff is very experienced in handling large numbers of sailors and large-scale events. With a reputation for fair and efficient race management, the staff is well known to never run races in sketchy and unfair wind conditions. It is difficult to imagine a more experienced team to host the ISSA Championship.


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Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): Matthew Cohen, Fran Charles, Matthew Lindblad

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