Electronics Upgrade

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The goal of this electronics refit is to standardize the communication protocol onboard Mashnee to NMEA2000, improve reliability of instruments, integrate radar and AIS consistently, and support racing goals. To this end, we have decided that we should upgrade to a B&G system because it has more advanced sailing/racing features than other MFDs (multifunction displays) and it integrates with our current radar. We want to keep the MFD visible from the cockpit (using the existing swing-out box, ideally).

Key components

Specific tasks

  • Run NMEA 2k backbone from mast to the electronics
  • Remove all other deprecated electronics wiring/equipment
  • Connect vespermarine AIS to new NMEA 2k backbone
  • Convert fluxgate compass seatalk NG to NMEA 2k. Confirm correct male/female end requirements

Major outstanding questions

  • It may be worthwhile to see if by purchasing the Raymarine Micro-talk wireless gateway ($310) https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?id=3800935 we can make all the new instruments and these displays just work with a Seatalkng to NMEA 2000 converter. Then we can use the existing displays as is. Otherwise:

OTHER Option (but different system):