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Before the renewal of cards in July 15 2010, I would like to establish an updated "Ratings" system which allows people to have "basic" and "advanced" ratings for all our boats. The rating system would be:

 - Swim
 - Provisional (ie, Tech "Basic")
 - Helmsman (ie, Tech "Advanced")
 - Laser Basic/Advanced
 - Lynx Catboat Basic/Advanced
 - Windsurfing Basic/Advanced
 - Bluewater Crew
 - Bluewater Skipper
 - Sailing Team

There are several things to do:

  • Make "check-off" sheets for all the "advanced" ratings, and keep the provisional
  • DONE: Determine what "privileges" each of the ratings gives you
  • Determine "pre-requisites" for the ratings
  • Make "study guides" for the tests (should the be online pages so we can link to videos, etc?)

I have started by creating drafts of the check-off sheets:

 - Download: Media:ProvisionalTest.doc | Upload/update: File:ProvisionalTest.doc
 - Download: Media:CrewTest.doc | Upload/update: File:CrewTest.doc
 - Download: Media:HelmsmanTest.doc | Upload/update: File:HelmsmanTest.doc
 - Download: Media:LaserTest.doc | Upload/update: File:LaserTest.doc
 - Download: Media:LynxTest.doc | Upload/update: File:LynxTest.doc
 - Download: Media:WindsurfingTest.doc | Upload/update: File:WindsurfingTest.doc
 - Download: Media:BlueWaterCrewTest.doc | Upload/update: File:BlueWaterCrewTest.doc
 - Privileges Chart

The proposal is that:

  • Provisional / Helmsman remain the same concepts they have been for a while now
  • "Basic" ratings can be granted simply by coming to an "Intro to X" class or quickly showing a dockstaff member that they can use the boat
  • "Advanced" ratings are the "hard" ones that demonstrate full mastery of the boat
  • Everyone with a rating before this change will get the "advanced" rating