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This is a list of things that must be done to make the boat ready for winter:

-- 1-2 weeks before haul-out:

  • complete all needed paperwork for haul-out marina (e.g. winter storage application, insurance forms)

-- 2 days before haul-out:

  • confirm that marina has you on the schedule, and that all paperwork is complete

-- things to do before you depart for the haul-out:

  • remove windex, wind instruments, VHF antenna, and tricolor from top of mast
  • replace halyards with messengers
  • remove and store cushions at pavilion - hang from ceiling, minimize crushing/kinking/folding.
  • sails should be removed from boat and hung from ceiling at pavilion to avoid rodent infestation
  • medical kit should be removed to some place that will be above freezing over the winter, to avoid damage to medications.
  • make sure you have sufficient antifreeze: 10-11 gals of propylene glycol. There should be no ethylene glycol in the antifreeze - it is a poison.

-- things to do prior to haul-out (could be days ahead or on the way to the marina):

  • drain freshwater system. then pour 6 gallons of poly antifreeze (pink stuff) into the freshwater tank. then open hot water faucet at galley until antifreeze comes out. then open hot water faucet at head until antifreeze comes out. then do the same with cold faucets.
  • pour pink antifreeze in toilet, pump through to holding tank until you can see about 1/2" of pink in the bottom of the holding tank. should be about 1 gallon for this.
  • remove spinnaker blocks from aft mounts and stow them somewhere on board
  • remove the paddlewheel speedo sensor

-- after arriving at the haul-out marina:

  • winterize the engine. with the boat in the water, run the engine. close the seawater thru-hull. open the cap to the seawater strainer. pour in antifreeze until it starts coming out the exhaust. then shut down the engine. should be about 3-4 gallons of antifreeze for this.
  • Ready the mast for pulling:
    • remove ringdings and loosen shrouds and baby stay
    • bend cotter pins so easily removed (but won't fall out)
    • Make sure the mast/mast step bolt is removed
    • remove the bolts securing the plate at the base of the mast
    • remove the mast collar-to-mast tie rods and fittings
    • have mast wiring disconnected and tied/taped to avoid fouling
    • loosen the pipe clamps holding the mast boot in place
    • remove the boom vang
    • remove the boom
    • when mast is removed ensure that all pins are placed into a plastic cup/bin

--when the boat is on the hard:

  • get *all* water out of the bilges and underfloor areas
  • open all thru-hulls
  • remove steering wheel and stow/tiedown on the bow
  • be sure tools are not waterlogged or grease covered

Over the winter anything that can mildew on the boat probably will so you should remove foulies, inflatable pfds, tethers, kitchen towels, etc. These should not go to the pavilion; they tend to disappear over the winter; someone should take these home for safekeeping. The orange pfds usually stay on the boat.

The compass seems to winter better in someone's home than on the boat.