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Sail Trim / Reading telltales

  • Upwind Jib Trim
    • Head up till telltales are just starting to lift up beyond flowing straight back
    • If top set of telltales lift first, the jib is twisted too little at the top: move the jib car forward, pulling down on the leech more to close the top of the jib
    • If the bottom set of telltales lift first, the top is too twisted and the bottom is open, move the jib car back
    • When jib is properly trimmed, steer so all telltales flow straight back
      • If all the windward telltales lift up, bear off
      • If all the leeward telltales fall down, head up
  • Upwind Main Trim
    • Top telltale should fly behind the main about 40% of the time. Sheet in till this happens
    • If all telltales are behind teh sail, ease the mainsheet
  • Reaching Jib Trim
    • Sheet jib in if windward telltales are lifting up or falling down
    • Sheet jib out if leeward telltales fall down
    • If upper telltales fall down first, the top is twisted; move jib car forward or use a separate reaching sheet (not on Mashnee)
  • Reaching Main Trim
    • All telltales should be streaming straight back, occasionally dropping behind the sail

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