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The MIT Sailing Pavilion has a UFO sailboat that uses wing-like T foils to lift the hull out of the water. This 8 foot 9 inch, 110 pound catamaran style dinghy "flies" above the water is a good introduction to foiling. It is stable at low speeds and is difficult to capsize in displacement mode.

Requirements to Sail

  • Must have full membership (Normal Sailing Card)
  • Must have sufficient ratings; either
    • Helmsman rating OR
    • Provisional rating and at least two of the three high(er) performance boat ratings
      • 420
      • Firefly
      • Laser
  • Must take class to learn to rig/ sail

Safety For You (& The Boat)

Rigging the UFO

  • Bottom of sail goes on first
  • Might need 2 people to raise sail (1 pulls halyard back/down, 1 helps feed in sail)
  • Put on cunningham before outhaul
  • Don’t forget bottom batten
    • Should be tied to cunningham finetune
  • Latches for front foil are loose, make sure to tighten all the way
  • Check for water

Derigging Notes

  • Raise front foil in the water, then pull boat onto the dock to raise the back foil
    • Careful not to hit rudder/foil against dock, but this makes it x10000 easier
  • Remove bottom of sail first, roll as you bring down
    • Since top batten is at a different angle from rest, reroll from the top so that this batten is aligned with the others afterwards
  • Tie bottom batten to cunningham finetune
  • Halyard gets tied to back of boom and cunningham
    • Raise boom to decrease stress on spreaders
  • Check for water

Sailing Basics

  • Jibes are much much easier/faster than tacks
  • Backwind sail to get moving
    • Stand up, push boom away, point tiller away (controls flip when backwinding)
    • Then sit, sheet in, head down for speed
  • Windward heel and weight back/out helps get you foiling
  • Heading up/trimming powers up, heading down/easing powers down
  • Can’t hike the boat flat once you’re on foils, use angle and trim to control
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_F8doHBpkRw&frags=pl%2Cwn

Tuning Basics

Righty flighty, lefty loosey