Lynx 16 Harbor Trip Log

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May 21, 2011

Our plan is to leave at 8:45am, and sail to the Spectacle Island. We'll spend about an hour on the island and have lunch, and sail back, aiming to be back on the dock by 5pm. We will call from Spectacle to confirm we are okay.

The forecast is light winds from the northeast, with a chance of rain in the afternoon, but no thunder is forecast. We may motor for part of the way if the wind is too light. There is a possibility of fog. If we get hit with fog, we will sound our fog signal, one long and two short blasts every two minutes, and proceed with caution.

Low tide at 8:54, high tide at 3:12, 10' spread.

Sail # 2 Skipper: Simon Watts 617-470-9417 Crew: Dave Weisman 857-222-1085 Stephanie Cheng 651-366-2573 Jennifer Hsiao Timothy Smith

Sail # 6 Skipper: Stefanie Tellex 617-383-4749 Crew: Ken Sovie 781-439-7288 Michael Gullans 510-378-1123 Marlene Delgado 857-472-3780 Carlos Lonza Robledo Eduardo Granados-Mataeo 857-919-1723t