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    • Manual Of Useful Information, dated Aug 2011
      Previous owner's information about many of X-Dimension's systems and advice for sailing her.
      This report intermixes various helpful hints concerning various deck hardware, electrical circuitry, machinery, and other systems.
    • QUESTIONS to above Manual of Useful Info
      questions and assumptions about the above document,
      to ask prior owner about and/or to research aboard.


  • Engine Manuals:
    • Perkins Parts Book: hardcopy and PDF, generated on engine serial #ED70058U630095P, dated 2011/10/14 (i.e., when document was ordered), 122 pp; pdf file dated 2011/11/14 (i.e., when PDF made from H/C).
      Note that this is a computer-generated manual that looks like its definining data is in a parts-breakdown database; the list data are related to drawings of engine assemblies, but they may not be strictly correct drawings for any particular engine.
      • Ordered via Kraft Power Corp., Woburn, MA, 781-938-9100 x 2251, Shawn
      • ThomS is not putting the PDF on the wiki until Perkins approves doing so, because the manual states that we can't duplicate material without prior permission of Perkins. Kraft Power Corp is requesting this permission.
      • Until we see how well this manual identifies parts and relates them to what we see on the engine, the older manuals we've found on the web are considered POSSIBLE sources of info about our engine.
    • Engine Tech Manual: Engine Workshop Manual for 4.108 Diesel Engine dated 1983, Pub. 601 SER 0383 1072, 114 pages.
      • note 1: This manual provides some information of use to sailors operating the engine and transmission and troubleshooting them from "outside" the units. However, it also contains a lot of data for mechanics who are dis-assembling and overhauling or repairing internal parts which are not applicable to operation or the ship's maintainers.
      • note 2: Perkins has been subsumed by Caterpillar and others, and we can't get info directly from Perkins. Our local representative, KraftPower, Woburn, confirmed that the 1983 manual was the last printing before our circa 1989 engine was installed (it was "new in 1989" per the donor's | "Useful Info" manual, and was manufactured in 1987 per the serial number.
    • web: 1981: "Core and Option Parts Book", NAP000265 Issue 1, October 1981; Perkins Engines Inc, North American Division, 4.108 M; 106 pages
    • web: 1975:(no title) dated 1975, NAPB#54, 41 pages (of unknown # of pages in complete document);
      this partial manual is referenced by several non-dealer websites, usually indicated as "(partial)", gets into 16th of 22 sections.
      • note 1: These manuals are helpful in locating parts pictorially and giving their names (thus a hint at their function) for 20 different related group of parts. Although many of these parts are of interest only to mechanics overhauling engines, SOME parts are of great interest to users of the engine.
      • note 2: removed, replaced by note 4 below.
      • note 3: The 1975 version PDF file only has 15-1/2 of the 22 groups of parts listed in the contents page; ones we see which we obviously want include electrical equipment, wiring harness, throttle control kit, instrument panel, temp & oil-press transmitters, etc.
      • note 4: We requested revision info and availability of this manual from Kraft Power, but are informed that a published manual is not available; they are now made specifically from the serial numbers embossed on the engine.

TODO: Disambiguate our notes about the two TYPES of parts-lists above; the 1975 list is a more "classic" parts list, whereas the 1981 "Core and Option Parts" book has drawings of many parts WITHOUT coding them, and some parts WITH coding, because they seem to be identifying only the parts identified by a particular modification.


Manuals available online for several electronics devices are listed in X Dimension's | Systems Description section;
more complete descriptions of hardcopies (aboard) and web-resident versions (often newer versions) will be entered into THIS document list.
  • GPS: Garmin 541 Chartplotter GPS (mounted in cockpit port bulkhead)
    • Owners Manual (detailed operations):
      • h/c: GPSMAP 400/500 series - owner's manual, May 2009, p/n 190-01074-00 Rev.A
      • web: GPSMAP 400/500 series - owner's manual: [1], May 2010, p/n 190-01230-10 Rev.A
    • Quick Reference Guide:
      • h/c: GPSMAP 400/500 series - quick reference guide; May 2009, p/n 190-01074-01 Rev.A
      • web: GPSMAP 400/500 series - quick reference guide:[2], May 2009, 190-01074-01 Rev.A
    • Installation manual:
      • h/c: GPSMAP 400/500 Series Installation Instructions, Sep 2009, 190-01074-02 Rev.B, 12 pages (8.5x11 sheets stapled)
      • web: TBF
  • MULTI-DISPLAY: Garmin GMI 10 Sailing Instrument (mounted in cockpit port bulkhead)
    (displays numeric, gauge, or graph formats via NMEA network)
    • Operating Instructions
      • h/c: No hard-copy aboard
      • web: none listed by Garmin
    • Quick Start Manual
    • Installation Instructions
      • h/c: GMI 10 Installation Instructions, Jan 2008, 190-00892-02 Rev.B
        + xerox single sheet, page 6, appears to be same as Jan 2008 web copy, but (as of Feb 2012) haven't proofed it in detail
      • web: GMI 10 Installation Instructions, 2008, p/n 190-01892-02 Rev.B
        NOTE: Garmin lists 2 install manuals, for unit S/N 19Wxxxx (C/R 2008) or S/N 1Y3xxxxxx (C/R 2000)
  • NAVMAN instruments (navigation and/or sailing) mounted in starboard cockpit bulkhead are not used, and are only there to fill the holes in the bulkhead


First Aid Kit Inventory: Media:X-Dimension_first_aid.pdf

Medical Kit Inventory: Media:X-Dimension_medical_list.pdf


  • Max-Prop Instruction book,
    distrib in USA by PYI, Edmonds, WA 98020 206-670-8915/8918
    • CANNOT OPEN BOOK, water soaked and pages stuck together, some printing already lost
      QUESTION: what is size, etc., of our prop
  • SAILTEC hydraulic backstay adjuster
    • Owner's Guide and Warranty, 2 pp memo form, not dated (good operations info);
      Sailtec, Oshkosh, WI 54901, 920-233-4242, sailtec@juno.com;
      Model 108I Serial# 050041, c.1986 warranty info
  • Harken MKII Jib Reefing & Furling System - Unit 2, Oct 1994
    • Instruction Manual
      • note: penned-in data: back page: pin-to-pin headstay length (ref page 8) is 59-ft 07-in
      • note: found pdf on web for Mark III and above, but not Mark II (is discontinued);
        Harken shows how to identify your model and its unit sizes
  • Refrigerator - Adler / Barbour
    • Installation & Operating Manual, doc version Dec 1998, 36 pp, 8.5x11 stapled
  • Power Inverter, PROwatt 800
    • Owner's Manual, Ver 1.0 (not dated)
  • External Voltage Regulators [for] conventional battery system
    • QUESTION: who is manufacturer?
    • Owners Manual, Feb 1999; "Mod 23-40; 14v, 150 amp SAE, 130 amp @ 200F
  • Stove, Gourmet Galley Range - Installation, 3 pp; Doc ENG-0037 Rev.B
  • Bilge Pumps
    • deep forward bilge:
      • Jabsco Electric, Model 34600-0000 12v, revised Mar 2005
      • float-switch
        TODO: identify its float switch
    • shallow aft bilge:
      • Rule model 25S Automatic Bilge Pump, 500 GPH
  • Marine Toilet, Manual, Jabsco
    • head model 29090-2000 (compact bowl & seat,
      NOTE: don't confuse with 29120-2000 household size)