Systems Status

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This page is intended as a way for sailors to quickly determine which systems on the boat are not operating normally. Please enter information about any systems that are not operating correctly on the boat, or which are operating in a non-standard way that skippers and crew should know about. Please keep these items in general order of the Systems Description wiki pages.

Operating Problems

Rigging - Sails, Lines, Sailing Hardware

  • The top of the roller-furler sometimes catches the port spin halyard at the top of the mast when the #1 genoa is raised too high.

Deck Gear

  • Water leak at mast
  • Binacle compass needs calibration (may be off by > 10 degrees)
  • Porthole above galley sink leaks


  • 110v system (shore power/110v outlets/water heater) disconnected


  • Tachometer not calibrated
  • Oil leak
  • Fuel tank leak

Red Dinghy

  • slow air leaks in pontoons
  • incorrect registration number