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** JP australia xcite ride 132L (white)
** JP australia xcite ride 132L (white)
** JP australia xcite ride 125L (blue) Full wood sandwich
** JP australia xcite ride 125L (blue) Full wood sandwich
** BIC Astro Rock ~89L (purple)
** BIC Astro Rock 90L (purple)
=== Sails ===
=== Sails ===

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  • Beginner Boards
    • BIC Techno 293L -- x4 (white)
  • Advanced Boards
    • JP australia xcite ride 160L (red)
    • JP australia xcite ride 119L (white)
    • JP australia xcite ride 132L (white)
    • JP australia xcite ride 125L (blue) Full wood sandwich
    • BIC Astro Rock 90L (purple)


  • 3.0m -- 2 sails -- orange or red -- great condition -- use small mast provided
  • 4.5m -- 2 sails -- red and yellow -- okay condition -- recommended 375cm mast
  • 5.5m -- 2 sails -- red and yellow -- great condition -- recommended 422cm mast
  • 6.5m -- 1 sail -- pink and clear -- decent condition (has patches and mast sleeve is worn thin) -- recommended 460cm mast (max 480)
  • 7.0m -- 1 sail -- black and red -- good/great condition (pieces which attach sail "shape rods" to mast are in poor condition)
  • 6.2m -- 1 sail -- blue and orange -- poor condition (waterproof peeling off BAD at sail foot, sail is sticky, smells funny) (I stashed this sail out of view behind the boats)
  • 7.5m -- 1 sail -- yellow and clear -- decent condition (has several badly worn spots in mast sleeve) -- recommended 490cm mast
  • 7.8m -- 2 sails -- orange and clear -- great condition (THESE ARE NEW, TAKE CARE OF THEM)


(CF = carbon fiber)

  • 2x masts for 4.5m sail at 394cm
    • CF Short Base -- x2 -- 191 cm
    • CF Short Top -- x2 -- 211 cm
  • 2x masts for 5.5m sail at 432cm
    • CF Long Base -- x2 -- 206 cm
    • CF Long Top -- x2 -- 226 cm
  • 1x mast (508 cm max) suitable for 6.5 or 7.0 sail
    • CF Odd Base -- x1 -- 221 cm Called "odd" because they ONLY fit with each other
    • CF Odd Top -- x1 -- 240 cm
    • Longest Extension -- from 12.5 to 47 cm
  • 1x mast (498 cm max) suitable for 7.5 sail
    • Aluminum Mast -- x1 -- 465 cm
    • Shorter Extension -- from 0 to 33 cm -- built-in rigging
  • We also have 2 one-piece RED masts and a one-piece BLUE mast. Unfortunately none of the bottom rigging pieces fit into these masts, the inner dia is too small. If we want to use these masts, we need different bottom pieces (the one with 4 pulleys and a clam cleat)

Kiddie Sails

We have 2 complete sets for 3.0 m sails. They appear to be in great condition. Since they each make a complete set and come with carrying cases, I've put them both in cases COMPLETE with 2-part mast, sail, and small boom. One is red, one is orange.

We had accidentally confused the kiddie mast with a top-piece for the other masts and were occasionally putting the kiddie on TOP of a bottom piece! Although this DOES work somewhat, it isn't necessary, so I recommend that we do NOT do this. The two kiddie sails have been stashed out-of-view behind the boats.


  • Blue-and-yellow: 4x
    • Three are interchangeable between the 4.5 and 5.5
    • One of the blue-and-yellow booms is frozen in the 5.5 length (do not use for a 4.5)
  • Big Black : The big black boom with lots of duct tape stays with the 7.5
  • Red/Black: The new red/black boom can be used with the 6.5


  • Mast Base Extension (w/Downhaul): We have 4 Mast base extensions ('bottom rigging pieces') as well as one which is built-in to one of the extensions. These appear to be in great shape.
  • Mast Head: We have 4 mast heads ('top rigging pieces') which all appear to be in good shape. The 6.5, 7.0, and 7.5 sails have mast heads built in the sail.


  • Harnesses: We have a few harnesses in decent/poor shape. They're not pretty, but they seem functional
  • Misc: We have some miscellaneous foot straps and other hardware.
  • Bag: We have a "board bag" made for a 295 board. UNFORTUNATELY this does NOT fit the pink 295 board which we have! I tried it twice. I have no idea what this bag fits, so I stashed it behind the boats.
  • Spray shirts: We have accumulated a collection of spray-shirts... I don't even know if these are ours or perhaps the racing sailors'. If they're yours, claim them quickly! They are fairly nice, and could easily disappear.

Board Vocabulary

Image of board parts: [[1]]