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This page is to collect ideas for an on-board cheat sheet.

Emergency procedures

Preparing the boat

  1. Check stopper knot on mainsheet! Check it again!
  2. Put centerboard all the way down
  3. Remove sail cover, roll up, stow under bench
  4. Remove tiller-tamers & boom crutch, and stow under bench
  5. Raise the sail: (green throat halyard, red peak halyard)
    1. Pull both halyards concurrently until throat is fully raised
    2. Pull peak halyard until sail is smooth
    3. Fasten halyards in cam cleats, not horn cleats (to drop sail quickly in emergency)
    4. Coil lines and hook over horns
  6. Stow backpacks and other loose items under bench. Always keep lanes clear.

Launching from the dock

Launching from a mooring


Returning to the dock

  1. Put fender out
  2. Put centerboard all the way down
  3. Let sail out to slow boat
  4. Turn sharply
  5. Crew steps out with bow line, tie boat to dock

Returning to a mooring