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This page contains various notes for the MITNA Executive Committee.

Tasks that MITNA has to do throughout the year

  • Reserve Lobby 10 for a sailboat the week after Spring Break. The Campus Activities Complex only accepts reservations the week after Thanksgiving, and we've had some trouble convincing them to do this in the past. In order to do this: Go to the CAC office, fifth floor of the Stratton Student Center. At the reception ask "to reserve an area of Lobby 10 for the week after spring break in order to place a fully-rigged Tech dinghy for the purpose of promoting the activities of the MIT Sailing Pavilion". You will probably need to use the following facts: MIT Sailing has been using that space for more than 20 years (quite longer, I think). MIT Nautical Association is currently not a ASA student organization - however, it is one of the biggest MIT groups in terms of numbers of members and activity. We do *not* need a 'booth space' in Lobby 10 - we need a roughly 15'x7' space behind the booths (towards the glass doors that look onto Killian Court) to put the boat. Finally, you might also need to use the fact that we have never been denied this space in the past.
  • Call an annual meeting for the second or third week after classes start in the fall. Nominate someone for the MITNA service award.

Things that MITNA should perhaps look into doing:

  • Change the prescribed time for annual meetings in the constitution.
  • Clarify the relationship between sailing cards and MITNA membership.

Server details

Please see the server details in the Web Server page.

Mailing Lists

MITNA runs a number of mailing lists. Some of the important ones are:

Mailman Lists

General List

  • mitna: fully moderated list which reaches all members of MITNA; people are added to the list automatically whenever they get a sailing card (but they can remove themselves). The list is "public" in the sense that people can add themselves to it. Nobody can send e-mails to the list except for the Sailing Master and MITNA Exec Commodore and Secretary.
  • mitna-wind: list which gets sent an e-mail when the wind is averaging 18mph or above (ie, "helmsman" wind). People add/remove themselves through their "account" page in
  • mitna-discuss: a self-moderated list where mitna and sailing general topics can be discussed.


  • mitna-wednesday, mitna-sunday: "public" list to ask questions to the Learn-to-Sail instructors.
  • mitna-wednesday-inst, mitna-sunday-inst: lists to contact the volunteers ("instructors") that help teach the wednesday and sunday classes, respectively.
  • mitna-r19: public list to contact the "Intro to R19" class organizers.


  • mitna-racing: "public" list to ask questions to the Racing Chair and others who volunteer to run racing programs.
  • mitna-racing-members: fully moderated list to contact all the people with racing cards and others who opted to be in the racing list. The list in "public" in that people can add/remove themselves freely. But only the Racing Chair, Commodore, Secretary, and Sailing Master can send e-mails.

Moira Lists

  • mitna-exec: executive committee members.
  • sailing-request: controls other moira lists and is a general help address; not really used for public contact. Usually is the sailing master, dockmaster, team coaches, commodore, secretary, webmaster, and some staff.
  • sailing-www = sailing-web: to contact the webmaster.
  • mitna-learn: joins mitna-sunday and mitna-wednesday so the public can contact instructors of both days.

Non-MITNA Sailing Lists

These are not managed by MITNA, but are useful to know they exist:

  • sailing-team = sailingteam: moira : members of the sailing team and those that help them.
  • sailing : moira : list for the sailing master.
  • dockmaster: moira : the current dockmaster (staff manager) and sailing master.