Lynx maintenance

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Use the following table to track any Lynx maintenance or operational issues.

Date What Status Discussion
2011.05.21 Engine 1 open Engine does not idle, always stalls when throttle is turned down fully. This makes navigating through the lock difficult. Problem occurs regardless of engine temperature.
2011.05.21 Horn cleats on stern open It would be great to install horn cleats near the stern. Currently, the only place to attach a stern line is on the traveler bar, and that's probably not designed for this purpose.
2011.05.21 Sea Tow license open Thom S. checked the old Nevermore Sea Tow license, and it's good until 15 September 2011 ( Sea Tow can transfer that to a Lynx, see Fran should be in the loop on this.
2011.05.21 Hand bearing compass open We should get a few hand bearing compasses for basic navigation through the harbor.