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The Fourth of July Fireworks

Photo Contest

We are having a contest to find a great 4th of July picture which:

  • Shows fireworks
  • Clearly shows that it was taken from the Pavilion

After the 4th of July festivities, submit your pictures to the webmaster. The Sailing Master, Dock Master, and Web Master will choose the best picture.

The winner will receive MIT Sailing Polo shirt.

Contest is open to all MITNA members with a Sailing Card except Sailing Pavilion staff.

2015 Winning Photo

Saturday, 4th of July, 2015
Picture by John Mayo

July 4th is always a fun time at the Sailing Pavilion. MITNA members and their families are once again invited to join us grilling and watching the fireworks. The grills will be fired up around 4 PM and the fireworks show gets going at about 10. Please do not show up at the last moment. All MITNA members are strongly urged to arrive before 7 pm. Things get quite crowded and the capacity limit on the building is less than the number of people who wish to get in.

Please bring a blanket to sit on as beach chairs tend to be awkward to step around. Pre-cook your chicken or pork so you are not accused of being a selfish grille hog. Our staff would love to allow you to sail until sunset but, it all depends on the orders we receive from the state police. We will appreciate your assistance with stringing together the tech dinghies for mooring to the west of the main dock and lifting all of the planing boats into the boat bays.

Requirements: Current Sailing Card

To sail (and see the fireworks) at the MIT Sailing Pavilion you must have a current MITNA Sailing Card obtained before the 4th of July. That means a card previously printed at the Pavilion; pending online requests are not valid. To obtain a sailing card fill out the online request and go to the pavilion before the 4th of July to have it printed. To get a MITNA Sailing Card you must have MIT Athletic privileges (includes all MIT students).

No sailing cards will be issued on July 4th.

Guest Policy

Our guest policy on the 4th will be the same as it has been for the past few years. Please don't ask us to make exceptions. Each current MITNA member may bring one adult guest for free. Children are always free. Your second adult guest will pay $10. Your third adult guest will pay $20. Your fourth adult guest will pay $30, etc. Checks may be made payable to the MIT Sailing Pavilion.

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