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44th Massachusetts State High School Championship

Wed 24-May-201713:00-17:00
Registration Start: 16-May-2017 at 00:00
Registration End:24-May-2017 at midnight

Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions

The 44th Massachusetts High School Open Semi-Final Championships

Hosted and Organized by MIT Sailing

Sailing Instructions

1.        RULES- This regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, the ISSA Procedural Rules, and these Sailing Instructions. The organizing authority is the MIT Sailing Pavilion.

2.        NOTICES TO COMPETITORS- Notices to competitors will be posted on the scoreboard area to the west of the lobby.

3.         CHANGES TO THE SAILING INSTRUCTIONS- Any Change to the Sailing Instructions will be announced verbally 10 minutes prior to the races it will effect.

4.        SCHEDULE- Three races are scheduled, of which two races per Division shall be required to constitute a series.

Wednesday  1300   Report Time

                    1310    Competitors Meeting

                   ASAP      Racing for the South Semi-Final until three races are completed followed by racing for the North Semi-Final.


5.        Format- Racing will be held concurrently on the same course. There will be no boat rotations.

A Division shall race in FJs on an outer trapezoid course.

B Division shall race in Fireflies on an inner trapezoid course.

6.        RACING AREA-The racing area shall be the lower Charles River Basin.

7.        SUBSTITUTING AND LANDING AT DOCKS. Please ease the gnav or vang between races and do not land at the dock during a set unless making a substitution, filing a protest, or using the bathrooms.

8.        COURSES and MARKS- The courses are illustrated on the APPENDIX to these Sailing Instructions.  A Division will always sail an outer trapezoid. B Division will always sail an inner trapezoid.

9.      STARTING AND FINISHING LINES; STARTING SYSTEM- Races will be started in accordance with the Procedural Rules.  The starting line will be between a staff on the Race Committee Signal Boat and the water's edge (course side) of the starting mark. The starting pin will be the farther away pink ball. The finishing line shall be between the two balls at the base of the outer trap course. If a boat is delaying the finish of a race, the Race Committee may end the race and score the boat in its current position.

10.      PROTESTS- Protests shall comply with the ISSA Procedural Rules. Protest forms are available at the lobby area at the sailing pavilion and shall be submitted to the RC scorer in the upstairs office. Protests shall be filed within 10 minutes of reaching the shore after a break, postponement or the last race of the semi-final. Hearings will be held as soon as possible.

11.      BOATS and CLEAN-UP   - The standing rigging may be adjusted between races. At the conclusion of sailing, tie down hulls after pulling boats up so that the side stays are adjacent to the bunkers. Please relieve all plugs. Please also assist us with trash, recycling, folding up chairs and TP replenishment.

12.     COACHING - ISSA PR shall apply, and all Coaches shall remain ashore.

13.       QUALIFICATIONS-   Teams finishing in the top half of both Semi-Finals shall report back to MIT on Thursday at 1300 for the Final Championship. Any team qualifying for the championship round on Thursday who does not wish to compete must inform the RC before departing the sailing pavilion on Wednesday. Failure to do so may make that team ineligible to compete in 2015.

14.       SAFETY- All competitors are required to bring their own helmets to wear along with their lifejackets. A bicycle helmet will suffice as long it has an operable chin strap and is secured while sailing. 



Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): Fran Charles, STEWART CRAIG, MICHAEL KALIN, Matthew Lindblad

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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46