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NE Team Race Championship, Fowle Trophy

Sat 28-Apr-201209:00-17:00
Sun 29-Apr-201209:00-15:00

Sailing Instructions

2012 New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association

Team Racing New England Championship

For the Leonard M. Fowle Trophy

April 28-29, 2012


Sailing Instructions

1    RULES
    This regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing including Appendix D (D2.3 (b) will apply), the Procedural Rules for Intercollegiate Sailing, and these sailing instructions.  All questions of rule interpretation, Sailing Instruction interpretation, or procedure shall be addressed in writing to the Chief Umpire Steve Wolff ( or the NEISA Representative Bill Healy ( at the regatta. Answers to the questions will be posted on the official notice board.

    Notices will be posted on the official notice board in the locker room area at the MIT Sailing Pavilion.
Any changes in the sailing instructions will be announced orally and posted before the first race in which they are to take effect.


Saturday, April 288:30 amReport Time
 8:45 amCompetitors' Meeting @ Walker Memorial (dressed to sail, with pinnies)
 10:10amWarning signal for first race of Group RR
 After RacingNEISA Awards Banquet/BBQ @ Harvard’s Sailing Pavilion
Sunday, April 299:30 amReport time
 10:00 amFirst Warning
 4:30 pmNo starting signal after this time
 After RacingAwards Reception

5.1 Twelve teams are seeded into two Groups of 6.
5.2 A single Preliminary Round Robin will be sailed for each of the seeded Groups of 6.  The top four from each Preliminary Round Robin will go on to Gold Fleet and will sail a double round robin. The overall records for the teams in the Preliminary Round Robins will not be carried forward.  However, records from matches that will be duplicated in the first Gold Fleet Round Robin shall carryover for those duplicated races, and those duplicated races shall not be sailed. Top six from the Gold Fleet will compete in a single championship Final Six round robin.
5.3 The bottom 2 teams from each Preliminary Group Round Robin will compete in a single Consolation Round Robin in Fireflies.
5.4 If the double round robin for the Gold Fleet can not be completed in the allotted time, then a single round robin with a single Final Six will be sailed.
5.5 If the above formats are not possible within the allotted time, the PRO and Chief Umpire will announce the best course of action.
5.6 No incomplete final rounds will be scored, but races sailed in an incomplete round shall be used as tiebreakers.

6.1     Vanguard FJs will be provided for all competitors in the initial seeded rounds of 6, the “Gold” round, and the championship round. Rondar Fireflies will be provided for teams in the consolation round. Competitors may adjust rake with stamaster shroud adjusters and halyard tension, but shall not move the mast step. Competitors have the option of rigging the mainsheet purchase either 3:1 or 4:1.
6.2     The penalty for infringing instruction 6.1 will be disqualification from all races sailed in which this rule was broken.
6.3     Competitors shall report all damage or loss of equipment, however slight, to the Race Committee or boat breakdown person immediately after arriving on shore or to the Race Committee Signal Boat on the water; failure to do so may result in disqualification from last race sailed.
6.4    Breakdowns will be decided using the ICSA Procedural Rules. Breakdown consideration will not be given for the failure of knots (except at the head of the main when it was determined there was not an opportunity to check it), or loss of cotter pins and rings.

    The rotation of boats will be in accordance with the provided rotation sheet available at the competitors’ meeting.  Boat exchanges will occur at the dock of the MIT Sailing Pavilion.

The racing area will be on Charles River lower basin, as close to the MIT Sailing Pavilion as reasonably possible.

9     MARKS
Marks will be pink, orange, or green rubber balls. Turning marks will always be pink or orange. Start/Finish marks may be green.

10.1    The course will be the Collegiate N (see Appendix).
10.2     The starting and finishing lines will be between a staff from which a flag is displayed and a green/pink/orange ball.

    Races will be started in accordance with the ICSA Procedural Rules.

    Individual recalls will be signaled in accordance with PR 18(b)(ii). 

13.1    Protests may be initiated using PR 29.
13.2    The guidelines outlined in Appendix G in the ICSA Procedural Rules will be used for hearings if necessary.
13.3    Requests for redress for breakdowns will be handled in accordance with PR 25.d and Appendix G.  A boat requesting redress for a breakdown shall hail “Umpire” and “Breakdown” at the first reasonable opportunity after the breakdown.  No red flag is required (changes RRS D5.1).  “Race Committee” is replaced by “Jury” in RRS D5.1 and D5.2 (changes RRS D5.1 and D5.2).

14     SAFETY
14.1    Competitors who require assistance from rescue boats should so signify by waving arms overhead.  A competitor who retires from a race shall notify the Race Committee as soon as possible.
14.2     Starts will not be delayed to accommodate capsized boats

    PR 19 shall apply.


Collegiate N


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): Stewart Craig

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