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Annual MITNA Meeting 2016

Thu 13-Apr-201719:15-20:15



Hatch Brown Service Award: Scott Dynes


Commodore: Trevor Long

Vice Commodore: Tobias Kaiser

Secretary: David Larson

Treasurer: Sameena Shaffeeullah

Members At Large:

Eric Gibber

Karen Wepsic 

Hanna Vincent

Stewart Craig

Bill Herrington 

Team Racing Chair: Jeff Dusek

Race Committee Chair: John Pratt

Team Captains (2017-2018):

TBD at the end of the season


  • Opened

  • Team News:

MITNA Meeting


o Women’s team went to nationals in San Diego, 2016. Finished 8th
o Coed Team Racing just qualified for TR Nationals (Charleston) for the first time in

program history last weekend

  • Lynx News:

    o This past summer was smaller than previous summers, but still above the minimum recorded

  • Offshore News:

o Halifax race coming up followed by cruising in Maine
o Summer post-race cruising is already oversubscribed so previous plan to pull XD

in August to start work on the deck may be pushed back to a full sailing season

and pulling in October• Learn to Sail:

o 750 attendees between the two learn to sail classes (Wednesday/Sunday)
o People finding Wednesday more popular, and distribution is becoming more

balanced between the two days
o Also seeing a higher return rate for day 2, > 90% because it’s the following day,

rather than waiting a week, but still only about 50% coming back for day 3
o Good volunteer turnout, ~40 over the two classes, a few would help with both

classes (day 1 & day 2, vs just one of the days)
o Interest to expand to other boats. Collin already interested in continuing with

the 420s, looking for lasers, flies, foiling?

  • Windsurfing News:

    o 13 classes + unscheduled
    o Probably 100+ new ratings
    o All of the new gear is in finally
    o Hope to get more instructors and starting Friday classes soon

  • Moth/Foiling News:

o Moth in need of significant repair (bulkhead falling out), but still got quite a lot of

use last summer
o Hoping to get 2 UFO’s soon

§ Demo day on 4/22

  • Team Racing News:

    o Fairly well attended as usual

  • Firefly Fleet Racing News:

    o Hugh started this over the summer on Fridays
    o Good idea, although low turnout, probably could help with some more


  • Tech Racing News:

o Younger crowd turning out more for Tuesday night racing, including a bunch of Northeastern sailing team

o Desire to increase the number of new/younger people joining the racing fleets, room to grow/improve the regular racing fleet size

o Maybe an intermediate learn to race/race day (or maybe separate fleet?) for people new to racing, coming out of the learn to sail realm

• Adjourned

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Updated: 2014/05/04 19:06:46