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29th Marchiando & 51st Friis Trophies Team Race @ MIT & Tufts in FJs & Larks

Sat 09-Apr-201109:30-16:30
Sun 10-Apr-201109:30-16:30



38 Races sailed in breezes ranging from South to Northwest, but mostly SW to W. Courses were digital N's, races were sailed in FJs with Mylar sails.

Many thanks to our umpire crew on Sunday: Greg Kiely (CHUMP), Peter Johns, Matt Knowles, Matt Hooks, Brooks Reed, and Lisa Keith.

Equally as many thanks to our RC personnel: Eben Freeman, David Alfonso, Mark Van de Loo, Wally Corwin, Carl Zimba, and Gwen Capron. Thanks to Fran Charles for running 94 starts over the weekend plus constantly tweaking the marks.

All information is on our MIT website, including the complete Gold Scoring Grid, Final 1 v 2 Knockout, RP info for both days:


Congrats to the Cougars from the College of Charleston for winning the 2011 Marchiando Team Race @ MIT.


Late start due to crew races, light westerly turned to a smoking SW around 5 PM. Full Double Round Robin completed.

Many thanks to Umpires: Greg Kiely (CHUMP), Peter Johns, Frank Tybor, Josh Leighton, and Matt Knowles

Many thanks RC personnel: Eben Freeman, David Alfonso, Tevis Nichols, Iris Xu, Tucker Charles, Wally Corwin, Carl Zimba, Gwen Capron, and Hanna Vincent


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): Matthew Lindblad

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