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44th Massachusetts State High School Championship

Wed 24-May-201713:00-17:00
Registration Start: 16-May-2017 at 00:00
Registration End:24-May-2017 at midnight

Notice of Race


The MA State Open High School Sailing Champs will be held in one division of FJs and one division of Fireflies at the MIT Sailing Pavilion on Wednesday and Thursday, May24-25, 2017.


Any Massachusetts High School group of students may compete in this championship whether or not they have received prior permission or recognition from their school. The school doesn't have to be a member of any league and the competitors are not required to have been granted official permission from their high school in order to participate. All it takes is 2 skippers and 2 crews who know how to swim and will bring their own lifejackets, helmets, telltales, and bailing buckets. Registration shall not be limited. However electronic registration must be completed prior to Sunday, May 21 at 1700.


All competitors are required to bring their own helmets to wear along with their lifejackets and bailing buckets. A bicycle helmet will suffice as long it has an operable chin strap and is secured while sailing. 

Format and Schedule

Racing will be held in FJs for A Division and Fireflies for B Division at the MIT Sailing Pavilion on Wednesday, May, 24. Report time is 1 pm. This is the time to show up, NOT the time of the first race. All entries will be divided into a north semi final and a south semi final by the Race Organizers. A three race series  for the north and south semi final will be held on Wednesday. Teams finishing in the top half of both regattas shall qualify to race in the finals on Thursday. There will be no consolation regatta for teams which do not finish in the top half of their semi final elimination. Scores will not carry forward from the semi finals to the finals. The finals on Thursday will be a scheduled five race series in both divisions. No races will start after 1700 and three races in both divisions must be completed in order to become an offical regatta.



Entry Fees

Entry fee is $65 per team. Online payments in advance (available after registration) are preferred. Payments at the Pavilion are possible by checks (payable to "MIT Sailing Pavilion") or credit card. Receipts will be available for those who need them. No electronic charges will be fulfilled until the day of the event. Pre-registration is necessary as we need to organize the semi final rounds.

Parking and Transportation

All sailors are encouraged to take the Red Line to Kendall Square and walk two blocks to the River.

If car pooling, be ready to drop your squad off at the pavilion and then go hunting for a spot on westbound Mem Drive, Ames St or along the meters (bring quarters) on Mass Ave. Parking is horrendous before 2:30 pm on any weekday along Memorial Drive. After 3 pm all of the MIT lots are available for no charge. Despite the signage you will not be ticketed or towed from an MIT lot after 3pm. You will not be allowed into one before that time, however. There is a lot next to the Sloan School and accessed by Main St as well as a medical lot accessed from Hayward St. Check out this link


No team shall practice at MIT Sailing Pavilion except the Winsor School and Brookline High School which uses the MIT Sailing Pavilion as their home facility. 

Questions or concerns contact: Franny Charles 617-253-4884 or via e-mail.





Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): Fran Charles, STEWART CRAIG, MICHAEL KALIN, Matthew Lindblad

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