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X-Dimension Maine Cruise Leg 5: Sun 30 Jul - Wed 2 Aug

Sun 30-Jul-201713:00-23:45
Mon 31-Jul-201700:00-23:45
Tue 01-Aug-201700:00-23:45
Wed 02-Aug-201700:00-16:00
Registration Start: 16-December-2016 at 00:00
Registration End:30-July-2017 at midnight


Hello to all!

This is the fifth and final leg of the XD Maine trip, and wil take the boat back to Boston, likely for the start of heavy maintenance. Participants for this leg should be interested in sailing off the coast of Maine, visiting islands and some of the towns and cities between Maine and Boton. This sail is intended as an introduction to offshore cruising for MITNA members with bluewater experience (on X Dimension or other 30-ft or larger cruising sailboats). Participants can bring one guest; this guest should have equivalent sailing interests and experience and will need to purchase an MIT Sailing Race membership ($40) prior to the sail. Each participant should also count on chipping in $50-80 for provisions and docking fees. You can sign up for as any legs as you like, but please let us know your preferred leg if you do.
We are hoping to select the crew for this trip pretty early so that everyone can make plans; this means there is an expectation that if you sign up for the trip and are selected, you will come. There are many moving parts to coordinate to make these trips happen, and we expect that the crew will be as committed to this trip as are the skippers.
If you have any questions please contact the organizer, Scott Dynes, at .
The current plan for this leg is:
Sunday July 30:
Leave Boston in the morning by car, arrive at the boat somewhere in Penobscot Bay around 12-1 PM. Depart, and sail somewhere - there are a lot of places to sail in Penobscot Bay..
Maine is so full of nice places to go it really does not make any sense to lay out a plan now; there are lots of resources online about where to sail in Penobscot Bay (e.g. , If there are places you want to go, let us know. All we will do here is define the segment endpoints - where crews will change and when.
Wednesday August 2:
Arrive in Boston. This will likely be the last sail of the 2017 season - the boat is currently scheduled to have the topsides repainted, the toe rail maintained, and other heavy maintenance done. 


Questions about this event should be directed to the organizer(s): SCOTT DYNES, ERIC BROWN

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